Your kind of man

You’d rather choose a man who may never be perfect but is perfectly suited for you. He is the one who makes you cry only when you laugh, a man who loves you more than his ego, a man whose love is greater than his lust. And who fears God like you do. He is the one who patiently listens even if he is tired. He understands your struggles and supports your dreams.  Never settle for someone who claims to love you but never checks up on you. You are beautiful and you do not deserve to be taken for granted. Do not be impressed with men who only brandish their good looks, brassiness, and pay checks. But be amazed by a man who sticks with you even when you’re feeling ugly or unsure of yourself and you’re at your worst. He is the one who doesn’t kill your freedom, instead, he joins you in your little adventures. Love a man who sees not your wealth but your true value. Love a man who is kind with his words and gentle with his hands. Love a man who sees the future with you. Love a man who sees happiness in your eyes, puts a smile on your face, and keeps the fire burning in your heart. And when you find him, never let him go.

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