The Greenyard Hotel at Cauayan City, Isabela

Travelling for whatever purpose can be tiring. But choosing the right hotel can make your travel much easier and more fun. For us, our purpose was to attend a court hearing at Cauayan City, Isabela. It took us around six (6) hours to travel from Baguio City to Cauayan City, Isabela. Our client booked us at Green Yard Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Bar and Events Place. It is a small hotel but an elegant one. It has a simple yet beautiful ambience. I noticed that it is probably quite new. The design and construction still looks fresh. The whole environment is clean.

We booked the Twin Deluxe (with two (2) single beds) at a discounted price of One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-six Pesos (₱1,996.00). The space is just enough. The room design is refreshing for its pickled green color. There are free bottles of water and 3-in-one coffee mixes. The sheets are clean. The toilet was nice with those free little shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. TV is available in the room. Wifi is accessible for the specific number of visitors. They will give you the passwords. The  Hotel can also do your laundry and ironing for a fee. You can have it done rush or you have to wait for the next day. 

Their complimentary breakfast is great. They usually call at night around 7PM to ask what breakfast you would prefer. Options range from pancakes to Filipino meals like tapa, bangus or longganisa. They serve coffee, hot choco, and tea. They also have pizzas, pastas, cakes, and smoothies.

They have a pool which I think is four (4) to six (6) feet deep. The pool is prettier at night because of the light effects and their air bubble system that stimulates bubbles on the surface. You can use their big and pretty donut floaters for free. It is better to book the rooms at the ground floor, in the level of the pool in case you want to swim or else  your stairs going up to your room will be soaked with water.

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Overall, the stay was great. The staff is nice and accommodating. But since their brand name is “Green” Yard, I hope that they can be more environmentally friendly. We ordered coffee and hot choco for room service, it tasted great by the way, but they were served in single-use cups with a carrier which we did not use because we drank it in the room anyway. Our order could have been served in re-usable pretty mugs. This will also help them economically. 

Scroll down to see other details. Have fun with your stay! 

0915 748 8956

Always Open.

Minimum: PhP 1, 996. 00 

Largely Filipino cuisine with American dishes.


Don Jose Canciller Avenue
3305 Cauayan, Isabela

I was not paid for this review. All words as well as the images are my own. 

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