Tagpuan sa Baguio, your new Caferenderya in town!

Rainy days should be spent with good foods and lots of wonderful music. This is what Tagpuan sa Baguio offers! Your new cafenderia in town!

Photos were taken sometime in July-August 2021

The Atmosphere

The ambience gives you a Baguio feel because of the paintings inside and pine trees across the road. The paintings are country-ish. It’s colorful. The art works are made by local artists presenting the Cordilleran culture. There are days when local singing artists are there to sing and entertain you with their lovely voices.

I first went there with a big number of people. I thought 25 people won’t fit in the restaurant but we all managed to eat with ease and comfort. I also tried ordering through Food Panda  or other available couriers. 

Location, Accessibility and Parking

Tagpuan sa Baguio is located at Albergo Hotel, Villamor St., Baguio City. You won’t get lost going to the place because it is very near Wright Park and the Mansion. You can eat here after visiting those tourist spots. Well, you don’t actually need to go inside the Albergo Hotel because Tagpuan sa Baguio is situated at the rightmost storefront.

If you want to commute, you can ride the jeepneys bound to Mines View Park. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Albergo Hotel. If you have a car, Albergo Hotel has a parking space in its basement but for convenience, you can park in front of the hotel or along Villamor St. Unfortunately, you have to be on your toes here because street parking might get you in trouble. The police or the LTO conducts random apprehension for illegally parked vehicles on that area.

Food, their Main Menu and Serving Time

Tagpuan sa Baguio offers Filipino dishes from the famous sisig to the renowned bulalo! I tried their Cardiac Bulalo, Special Sisig, Cardiac Pares, Pakbet, Kare-kare and it turned out that my favorites are their special sisig and pakbet! But if you are the person who loves bone marrow meals, this is where you go!

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They have rice meals good for one person and the rest are served for shared proportions. They serve their food hot and fresh by the way.

Tagpuan sa Baguio also offers refreshment drinks which I love! They have milkteas, coffee, tea and fruit drinks by The Brewery.

Value of Money

Their prices are decent for the amounts of servings which would range as low as P150 to P420. When I went there with a big group, we had a lot of take-aways.


Customer service was great. They look out for the customers’ needs really well.

Rate it!


Ambiance and the food were superb! I just wish for a bigger space so that there can be better air circulation during this time of pandemic. 

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for this review. All words as well as the images are my own. I am not an expert in food but everything here is just my opinion. My experience may vary from yours. My taste may not be the same like yours. And we should both respect that. Have a happy eating!

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