Studio Coffee (Cafe + Deli) and their new branch in Legarda, Baguio City

Their good food at a reasonable price is their main attraction in this cafe deli. You can have a nice meal or a merienda that will surely satisfy your cravings!

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Location and Accessibility

I accidentally discovered this Café while waiting for a clinic schedule at Notre Dame Chartres Hospital. Their first branch is located at the Lower Ground Floor of 25 Pueblo Building, Notre Dame Chartres Hospital, General Luna Road, Baguio City. It is in front of the St. Louis School Center (SLSC) Elementary Department. I was told that they have another branch at 2nd Fl., Lachica Building, Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City. 

I did not expect that they will be expanding their business in a third location which is not that heavily populated like their first and second location. Thankfully, that works for me because our office is located near it. You can find their third branch at 8 MH Del Pilar St., Legarda Road, Baguio City, in front of Cafe Will. 

Food and their Menu

We had dinner with my friend. I ordered Crispy Kare-kare with Hot Choco Latte while she ordered Pork Binagoongan with Capuccino. The staffs were friendly and accommodating. Although when we asked for our bill, they forgot to put the prices. But that was totally fine, they were apologetic and nice. We went on a rainy season; hence, the cold weather topped the good ambiance of the place. The toilet was simple but clean. 

The next time we visited, we ordered Dirty Fries and Cassava topped with grated coconut. There are other options which included cakes, cookies, and burritos. We also had Hot Choco Latte and Mango Shake. Although personally, I did not really like their mango shake because it did not taste natural.

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Value for Money

The food was good for its affordable price and big servings. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

Rate it!

I am giving it 4 stars because one thing we noticed is that they serve a VARIETY of food and beverage. A new customer will be confused on what should be the best meal to order. I suggest that they put markings on the menu for “Best Sellers” so that a new customer can order right away without going through a self-battle whether he wants chicken or beef. Also, because there was a lot of menus, some were not available.


(074) 442 3886

9:00 AM-7:30 PM

Minimum: PhP 99.00 

Largely Filipino cuisine with American dishes.

Along the road.

#8 MH Del Pilar St. , Legarda Rd., Baguio City. It is located in front of Café Will

I was not paid for this review. All words as well as the images are my own. 

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