Fill your bellies with Big Belly Restaurant!

This restaurant was previously called “Big Belly Buffet”. Before the pandemic, it offered an eat-all-you-can food set at a price. It was perfect for large number of persons. Unfortunately when the pandemic hit, Big Belly Buffet was not spared from the crisis. It closed starting March 2020.😞

But hurray! Sometime in August 2020, it re-opened its doors with an ala carte menu! If you are looking for a place to chill while eating great food, I recommend Big Belly Restaurant.😁

0999 572 2952

10:00 AM-9:00 PM

Meal at minimum: PhP 185.00 

Largely Filipino cuisine and American 

Available Parking

The ambience is fresh, cool and green. It is very spacious. Social distancing will not be a problem. I love the bamboos near the building. The interior of the restaurant is clean and modern with white walls accented with wood color and designs. The chandelier lighting up the staircase made a dramatic statement with the glass walls.

This restaurant is ideal for family gatherings and even for romantic dates. They open the second floor for bigger gatherings or meetings.

Location and Accessibility

Probably, a lot of people have this misconception that Big Belly Restaurant is far because it is not located within Baguio City.  But actually, there’s no reason to fret because it is located at No. 1, Baguio-Bua-Itogon Road of the Municipality of Itogon, which is less than five (5) minutes away from the Mansion or Pacdal Roundabout. Just follow the road going down from Baguio Townhouse located at the end of Outlook Drive. You can see Big Belly Restaurant on the left side of the road just after the Welcome to Itogon marker.  

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If you want to commute, you can ride the Tuding jeepneys with station at Lakandula Street, Baguio City. Simply inform the driver that you are going to Big Belly Restaurant.

If you are going there by private car, parking is not a problem because their parking space can accommodate twenty (20) vehicles at most if full packed. 

Food and their Main Menu

We now go to the most important part. When the restaurant was still Big Belly Buffet, they served variety of Filipino dishes ranging from igado, pork steak, friend chicken, pastas, vegetables, and a lot more. I can still remember the sisig where you can choose what you want in your sisig and have them cook it. Now that they turned into an ala carte serving restaurant, their food became fancier and of course, pricier. Hehe.🤑

Yesterday, we went to the restaurant with my sister and her daughter. We decided to order pasta and pizza. We ended up ordering the Five-cheese Pizza, Aglio Olio, Cordon Bleu meal and some Cappucino and Café Latte.

The food we ordered was good. My niece and I liked the Aglio Olio. And since it was a simple pasta dish, I expected that the serving should be bigger for a price of P235. Unfortunately, it is only good for one person. The Five-cheese pizza was a surprise because I did not expect that it came with pineapples. Some people do not like pineapples in their pizzas though. Hehe. It could have been better if the menu had brief description of the food especially if common dishes are served with a twist. But still, my niece loved it anyway. My sister commented that the pizza was kind of sweet. It was probably because of the pineapples but even the thing under the cheese was kind of sweet. Hehe. The pizza size was just right for its price. It’s good for 5-6 persons like me. And yep, the Cordon Bleu tasted great. Also, the hot drinks were perfect for the cool weather. The plating looked great by the way, it’s just that I took awful pictures. Sarey! 😬

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Value for Money

It is similarly priced with other common cafes and restaurants in Baguio City. I just hope their serving is a bit bigger especially for the pastas. I forgot to mention that they serve their pastas in giant plates with the pasta right in the middle, that’s probably why I thought that the pastas had smaller servings. 😅


The service is unmatched. Every time I said thank you, the staff would be saying welcome. They anticipated what the customers needed. Those simple gestures showed how much they care for their customers. Thumbs up!🥰

Rate it!


Because generally, the food was great, the staff were accommodating and the atmosphere was lovely, I give it almost 5 stars. 

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for this review. All words as well as the images are my own. I am not an experienced food critic but everything here is just my opinion. My experience may vary from yours. My taste may not be the same like yours. And we should both respect that. Have a happy eating!

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