How to go to Living Gifts Nursery, your cactus paradise in La Trinidad, Benguet

With the easing up of quarantine status coupled with the itching of our feet, we made sure to drop by the Living Gifts Nursery located at Barangay Alno, La Trinidad, Benguet. This garden tourism site does not only offer various cacti species and succulents but also amazing landscape for your remarkable photos!

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How to get there:

Note that this place is situated outside Baguio City with approximately forty (40) minutes ride from town or longer if you got stuck in the traffic.

If you are riding a private car, it is much easier because you can always turn your Google Maps on. Just follow the track and do not be afraid if you feel like you are treading an unknown path. Safely follow the road going down from Alapang-Alno-Tuel Road. You will see small signages leading to the place. You can park your car in the space provided for Living Gifts Nursery customers which is an empty lot.

For public transportation, you can ride a taxi or jeepney from Baguio City to La Trinidad, Benguet. You can find the jeepney lane at Rizal Park in front of the City Hall or at Magsaysay Road, Baguio City. Drop in front of 7-Eleven store, KM6 La Trinidad, Benguet. You can find there “garage” taxis which are Tamaraw FX vehicles. Talk to the drivers there and ask them to bring you to Living Gifts Nursery at Riverside Alno (Baeng). We were told by the owner of Living Gifts Nursery that the one-way fare for garage taxi is P100-P120 per group. They can bring you back to the garage station for additional minimal fee. 

How much are the fees:

What to bring:

You need to bring water before entering. It is advised that you visit the garden in the morning as the temperature can get really high by mid-day. And oh boy, I am not joking when I say that it is really hot inside the greenhouses.

You can buy cacti and succulents. And if you get hungry, they sell refreshing drinks and pizzas too.

A few reminders:

A few reminders, you are not allowed to touch the plants. And of course, you cannot take cuttings, leaf/leaves, offsets, pups, and seedlings of the plants displayed there. Be warned that the CCTV is watching you.

For more inquiries, reach out to them through this contact numbers: 074-665-4351/ 09284475013. 

Remember that by visiting this place, you do not only support these small local businesses but also boost your mental health.  The owner was very kind enough to talk to us and introduce us to ornamental gardening and the challenges that they face. 

For a quick tour of the place, watch the video below!

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