Grab a coffee at R & B Cafe in Session Road Baguio City

If you are looking for a place to kill some time while drinking your coffee, this place will serve you right.

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The Atmosphere

The name speaks for itself. It is more than just a café because there are shelves of books on the side. There are collections of novels and magazines of different genres. It is quite spacious for a café. Forty to fifty people can fill up the whole place. If you are alone, you can sit beside the window where the Baguio Cathedral is overlooking.

Location and Accessibility

Read & Brew Café and Library is located at the heart of Baguio City, at the rooftop parking space or Skyzone of Porta Vaga Mall. Their great location is their main attraction because it is very near the Baguio Cathedral, SM, and of course, Session Road. 

Food and their Main Menu

Their cuisine is largely Filipino with American dishes. Their main dishes include chicken wings, drumsticks, sweet and sour pork, beef sinanglaw, kaldereta, sinigang na salmon and belly. They also serve a variety of snacks from potato chips, onion rings, nachos and chicken nuggets. Pasta and All-day breakfast are available too! But what is more interesting is that they serve ramyun and kimchi pancakes also! I was told the owner is Korean that’s why.

The chicken nuggets with peanuts on top was savory. My friend who ordered chicken nuggets before told us that it was more tender now than the last time she went there. On the other hand, their Pasta Alfredo disappointed us because it was bland. I could have asked for salt and pepper with some parmesan cheese just to have some taste.

I also tried the potato chips with cheese. It was fresh and crispy. My friends tried the plated meals, Sesame Chicken and Sweet and Sour Fish. While I did not taste it, I noticed that their plates were empty when we left so you might want to try it too!



Their drinks include coffee drinks, coffee frappe, tea drinks, non-coffee drinks like chocolate drinks, fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

I will definitely recommend the Banana and Mango with Sugar Beets! It was refreshing and delightful to my taste buds!

What’s new here is there Bulletproof Coffee. I really don’t know what it is so I had to research. According to Huffington Post, a Bulletproof coffee is a drink consisting of brewed coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. Bulletproof coffee is mostly popular with people following a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. So if you’re that person who follows a strict diet, a visit here won’t make you feel guilty.

Value for Money

The price for their menu is mid-range. You can have a decent meal at 180 pesos and another 120 for your drinks. If you got a hefty allowance, then it won’t hurt your pocket. I see a lot of students here and some entrepreneurs who are hitting their laptop while drinking their coffee.

Rate it!


I will definitely come back! Read & Brew Cafe should be in your must-visit list! ☺️


7:00 AM-9:00 PM

Minimum: PhP 150.00 

Largely Filipino cuisine with American and Korean dishes.

Parking at Baguio Cathedral and Porta Vaga Mall

I was not paid for this review. All words as well as the images are my own. 

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