Finding Love Mattet in the busy street of Baguio City

In the city center is the new branch of Love Mattet Bistro coming all the way from Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet. I went to their La Trinidad branch for few times already and meeting them here in Baguio City is a pleasant surprise.  

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The Atmosphere

The interior is leathery and woody. The tables tops are heavily built with wood which I think is four (4) inches thick. While I like that the tables are sturdy, I think it occupied so much space. The good thing is that the walls facing the street are made of glass. The glass walls brighten up the room and make the area look not so cramped.

Unlike some cafes and restaurants in the city, there is really no instagrammable and nature-looking view outside the café because it is located in a busy street.

Location and Accessibility

Love Mattet Bistro is located at ECCO Bldg., Lower General Luna Rd., Baguio City. It is below the BPI and Robinsons Bank, beside Monterey Meatshop and across Curamed Pharmacy. It is really accessible because it is basically near Cedar Peak, Save More, University of Baguio, etc. For me, I choose to make tambay here while waiting for a friend or if I get tired doing a lot of errands, I drop by there to have some tea.

Unfortunately, there is no parking space available but you can park your car for a fee in Cedar Peak or the building beside it. 

If you are interested in their first branch, it is located at Poblacion, Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet.

Pork Ribs at their La Trinidad Branch.
Spicy Buffalo Wings at their La Trinidad Branch.

Food and their Main Menu

The food is mainly Filipino and American. They have salads, pizza, pasta, burgers, nachos, meals like honey barbeque, spicy Buffalo wings, ribs, chicken and salmon.

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Their pork tenderloin is perfectly cooked and savory. The portion size is generous by the way. I liked their Fruits and Nuts because of the salad dressing but unfortunately, it is not consistent because the second time I ordered it, it tasted different. I also tried their salmon which is a bit pricey at ₱295.00. The sauce is good but I thought it is missing something. Right now, I don’t know what it is but I’ll tell you once I realize that. Hehe. But that’s just me though. 

Just last week, we dropped by their La Trinidad Branch. The Pork Ribs tasted great while the Spicy Buffalo Wings is perfect for those who favor fire like me. It’s not so spicy but I definitely do not recommend it for those who can’t handle the heat. 

My favorite actually is their sweet potatoes. Other cafes and restaurants serve fries as a side dish but in Love Mattet Bistro, they serve fried sweet potatoes instead! I hope they get to create recipes that would elevate the sweet potatoes and make it the star of the meal. After all, sweet potatoes is a staple crop in the Cordilleras. It’s just a suggestion.🤔


I was a bit disappointed that their hot teas are served in a teapot with a strainer but the tea actually comes in a tea bag. Luckily, they serve it with honey so that was okay.

I also tried the basil and cucumber healthy slushie. It is indeed healthy and refreshing but I think the basil is overpowering the cucumber. I like it that it is made with real fruits and veggies unlike other cafes that serve powdered drinks. I should try their papaya and carrot next time! 

Value for Money

Rate it!


Because it is conveniently situated in the part of the city where I usually make gala, I will definitely come back. Maybe we’ll see each other the next time you visit there!  😊

0927 681 3701

10:00 AM-9:00 PM

Minimum: PhP 80.00 

Largely Filipino cuisine and American 

Parking at Cedar Peak

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for this review. All words as well as the images are my own. I am not an experienced food critic but everything here is just my opinion. My experience may vary from yours. My taste may not be the same like yours. And we should both respect that. Have a happy eating!

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