Don’t judge me by the bad words I say

One day, I went to the library to borrow books. When I was done, I headed for the exit door. But all of a sudden, for reasons I didn’t know, and probably stupidity, the books fell out of my hands. And being surprised that I was, I exclaimed “Oh shit!”, I heard my voice re-echoed through a distance. I forgot I was in the library. I sensed that the Librarian’s eyes were growling at me, so I gestured that I was sorry. I apologized not for saying the bad word but for interrupting the deafening silence of the room and disturbing the concentration of those present.

Yes, you will meet two kinds of people in this world: one who says only right and kind words, but his words contradict his actions and second, one who may have offended you with his bad words but became your true good friend. Remember the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” Stated differently, PEOPLE ARE WHAT THEY DO, NOT WHAT THEY SAY SAY. 

I don’t think judging a person is bad per se, I think what is wrong is to “pre-judge” a person based on how many “shits” and “tang-ina’s” did a person say. If she says bad words, does that necessarily mean she is careless, a bitch or “unchristianly”? Does it necessarily reflect what kind of family she grew up with? Does it mean she is insensitive? Does it speak about her personality? I don’t think so. 

One should not believe everything a person says because words can be empty. It may mean nothing, or it may mean everything. It all depends on how it is said and in what context was it spoken. I for one speak bad words but only when I am in the moment of frustration, shock or surprise or even a joke. One should evaluate the words with the surrounding circumstances, and most often, people say bad words to express a feeling of frustration and disappointment. Don’t judge so quickly. Most of the time, bad words are spoken at an impulse without filter between the mind and the mouth. It is not something pre-meditated, this means that there is lack of intent. And when there is lack of intent, you shouldn’t feel hurt.

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And of course, I don’t speak it in front of my family. I don’t speak it to refer to the person I am talking to. I don’t speak it to intentionally offend you either. I do not speak it to put someone down. I don’t speak it in the wrong crowd. So please? Stop judging a person only because he said bad words. At the end of the day, we will be judged not by our words alone but by the legacies we made.

“You judge me, not by the cuss words, epithets, and curses that you hear. Judge me for what I stand for, the values that I hold dear.” – President Rodrigo Duterte

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