Dear Me

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Dear me,

How are you? Do not tell me that you are fine  like how you respond to all your friends. I know what  you are thinking and I know when you are lying. 

How is your day? How did the world treat you so far?

With all those questions, I can already hear your clamor and discontent. Complaining won’t ease whatever burden you are carrying. Every person has his own problems. Do not complain like you own all the problems of the world. Do not blame the weather for not giving you sunshine, do not blame the traffic for not easing your way, do not slam on the printer if it doesn’t yield good prints, do not curse and bully the cat if it rubs itself against your legs, do not fuss about unnecessary things when you can see the brighter side of everything. Be thankful for the rain for it waters the plants, be thankful for the traffic for it teaches you how to wait, be grateful for the printer for you have one, and be thankful too for the cat for it longs for your affection and for heaven’s sake, it’s an animal!

How are you holding up?

I know how much you always underestimated yourself. First, do not be intimated with those pretty long legged girls. Beauty is not skin deep. It is not measured with how you look or how you dress up. You are beautiful in your own way. So next time you walk that hallway, don’t bow your head but instead walk with grace, and brandish that big smile. Second, a failing score or grade doesn’t define you. It just reminds you to strive harder for the next one. And hello? It’s not the only exam on earth. It will pass, you’ll get your second chance. And besides, like you always say, who needs extra grades? What for? Those are just mini battles which will prepare you for the bigger war come due time. Third, learn how to express yourself. Say what you mean. Speaking in a crowd won’t kill you. I swear. Do not be afraid, just let it flow, let it slide.

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How is your relationship with the people around you?

The truth is, some people out there really care about you that is why they ask you things like how have you been and what were you up to recently. Learn how to trust other people. Yes, I know, it’s not a task as simple as learning ABC. Trusting people carries with it the risk of hurting yourself eventually because they may ignore or disappoint you in the course of time. Let them be. That’s alright. It’s part of growing up.

But don’t forget too those friends who even when the storm came raging in, they never left. Those people you laugh with and those ones who were there for you even with the shortest notice. Be thankful of the people you have, do not be regretful of the ones you have lost.

What’s up with your attitude?

Please, do not be mean. I know you were always this hard headed stubborn i-dont-care kick-ass kid. Oh come on! You’re not a kid anymore. There will be times when your rules needed to be bent or broken. You are not always the boss. Learn to submit and surrender. Be nice. Forgive and forget. Wear a smile. Learn to say sorry when you know it is you who is at fault. Another, I know for sure that patience is not your virtue. Learn that time is a critical element of waiting. You have to understand that everything in life takes time to happen. Would you choose to be impatient and miss all the fun?

How is your temper? Taper that off. It makes you ugly. When things don’t go your way or someone is getting into your nerves, take a deep breath, let it go. Just raise an eyebrow and leave. Think of something else. Drift away.

How is your love life?

I would bet everything I have, at this moment, you have no one. Lower your standards now or you will never have one.  While everyone is singing in merriment of love, I see your pitiful blank face in the corner, clueless because it’s the topic you know nothing about. On the other side, being alone does not mean being lonely. It actually gave you chance to appreciate what you have and focus on yourself. Whatever happens, either you stay single at the moment or in a relationship sooner, I just wish you to be happy and contented. Good luck.

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How is your family and friends?

Do not stress yourself in thinking too much negatives. Like you always pray, God is keeping them happy, healthy and safe always. Continue praying that that God be with them all the time. I know how much you value your family for you always say that family comes first. Come home every chance you have. They are always delighted having you home. Try to be present in every family occasion. Don’t forget to say hello, make a call, or drop some good message to family members who are miles away. They miss you more than you miss them. Tell them you love and miss them. I know you don’t do that for it sounds awkward but at least show them.

Have you gone to the Church last Sunday? When was the last time you read the bible?

God has never failed you, be faithful to Him. He is your strength and your saviour. Never forget to be thankful for all the countless blessings you have received. Pray always. It is one of the most comforting moments in time. It is when you find peace and hope amidst pain and struggles in life. When life gives you too much burden to bear, the man above will help you carry it through.

And there, I think I have written enough. I really hope you come to your senses and give a chance to all my reminders. I will be watching you.


Lucille Arianne

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