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My two cents on LDR

I preferred the traditional means of knowing someone through having a real and personal conversation with the person while observing the way he lays his arms on the table, drinks his coffee or how he treats the waiter. I was that kind of person. But I guess everything changed when a total stranger showed up …

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Your kind of man

You’d rather choose a man who may never be perfect but is perfectly suited for you. He is the one who makes you cry only when you laugh, a man who loves you more than his ego, a man whose love is greater than his lust. And who fears God like you do. He is the …

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self expression

Dear Me

Dear me, How are you? Do not tell me that you are fine  like how you respond to all your friends. I know what  you are thinking and I know when you are lying.  How is your day? How did the world treat you so far? With all those questions, I can already hear your …

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A youngster’s love

We played when we were young, It’s just like we both sang, The rhythm of young’s life, The song of that time.  We played the game, Without thinking the aim. We took each other’s hand And left our own hearts. We parted and it was alright, And we left without fights. No regrets about the …

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There are many times when I feel I am alone, There are many moments when I feel no one comes along. But here I stand pretending to be strong, Deep inside, I can’t take this for so long. I once tried to stand but they stepped on me, I once reached for their hands, But …

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