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I started blogging in 2012 for the sole purpose of improving my writing skills. But since then, it also became my gateway of emotions and avenue for sharing my passion.

Nowadays, we cannot deny that blogging is the new diary and sometimes, the new resume. That’s why it is not surprising to find fellow Cordillerans who manage their own blogs for different reasons. Unfortunately, the list is only limited to those that I found by chance in this wide cyberspace. Comment yours below so that I can add that up!

All about: Nurses, OFWs, Filipino nurses, Health, Life during the pandemic.

The nurse is a friend named Rajah Jean who is now based in UK. I know her personally. We graduated from the same school and batch. Hi, Rajah!

According to her website, the blog serves as her diary. It is where she shares her experiences as a nurse and other interesting life lessons.

I love that her design is minimalist in white and shades of pink. The pictures pop-out nicely. The typeface of the website makes reading very easy. She also maintains a Youtube channel. Check that out!

2. Dexter Diwas

All about:  Legal Wellness and Strengths Coaching Services

Atty. Dexter Diwas’ resume is impressive. His personal and professional experience is well-laid in his website. Aside from being a lawyer, he is also a Strengths Coach Advocate.

I attended one of his sessions and it helped me a lot. I joined his Strengths Awareness Session because I always believe that knowing oneself is a great way of empowering oneself. And indeed, just few minutes after sitting down in his session, he told us about his company why it was called Point 3750. It was called such because it represents his score in the bar exam. And with that .3750, he was able to do MORE. When he said that, I was dumbfounded because I got more than .3750 extra points in the bar exam and I thought I was not doing enough. Thank God, I chose to join the session with Atty. Dexter because it was indeed an eye-opener. I learned that knowing what interests us and where we excel at enables us to aim higher and achieve more in life. Thus, the happier and more empowered we become. Thanks, Sir! I forgot to mention that he is also a Youtuber. Watch it to find answers for your legal inquiries!

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3. Felix Daogas

All about: Travel, Photography and Quotes

A self-description says he is a graphic designer and a frustrated photographer. But I do not agree with the last part because his photos are lit! I do not know him personally but I landed on his website because of the beautiful photos that he took. It looks like a digital scrapbook of places in Baguio City and other parts of the Cordilleras.

4. Saints and Constellations

All about: Travel, Life as an Igorota, Nurse life, OFW, Nice Photos

I knew her blog since few years ago. But I don’t know her personally. I stumbled on her website quite few times now because I can tell that she is also a nurse like me and a travel enthusiast. I find her entries interesting and comforting.

Her blog is that kind where you can get a hint about the author without actually seeing her in person. She writes in a way that her personality is showcased and her experiences are highlighted. You can get a lesson and inspiration too if you keep reading!

5. Wandering GV

All about: The blog tells the Author’s journeys, travels, fashion, inspirations, encounters, in short, the story of her life.

Here’s another proud Cordilleran who loves writing. She said that GV stands for Good Vibes which demonstrates herself being an only child who grew in a challenging environment yet manages to spread good vibes to people she encounters every day. 

6. Cordillera Sun

All about: News, Opinion, Comments, History, Travel

The website is maintained by Daniel Feliciano. I am not sure if I’ve met him before but he looks very familiar.

But actually, I am more acquainted with the Facebook Page Cordillera Sun. And I didn’t know that a website for it exists. At first, I thought that it is an official media company or something but after browsing through the blog, it said it’s not a mainstream media. The blog also admitted that the articles and posts are often critical and opinionated. That one I liked because nowadays, we need some critics to debunk some general opinions that are really frustrating as well as devastating to the humanity.  

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Overall, I like that the website is clean and organized which make it more credible and convincing.

7. Foxy Igorota

All about: Travel, Hiking, Food

This website is run by another travel junkie and a proud Igorota. I really stan women who can write about their feelings and share this with the world.

Her posts are also travel guides that can help you plan your week-end vacations.

8. Igorota's Adventures

All about: Travel, Self-love, Women

Here’s another blog from another good friend. Ana Fe tells a personal story that can inspire a lot of young people while navigating life. She writes on a very personal level that shows a person’s vulnerability. Her website is where people can learn about oneself, explore ideas, and connect with nature.

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