Anti-Bucket List: Things I hope to never do before I die

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If you watched the movie, “The Bucket List”, starring Morgan Freeman, you may have thought of making your own bucket list where you list all the things you want to do in life before going to heaven. It’s always very inspiring to make one because it’s like setting your goals in life. Most people write things as extreme as going to killer adventures like bungee jumping and swimming with sharks or as simple as seeing fireflies or singing in Karaoke. Some write about complicated things like finding oneself or connecting with the past, whatever that means. But the usual list is about traveling, learning a new language, making a good deed, or pursuing a passion. Some are even hilarious like take a selfie with the President or jaywalk without being caught.

But today, I have decided to make the opposite, the Anti-Bucket List where I list the things I really have no plans of doing ever in my life or doing it again. Haha! No two persons are the same, even identical twins have different finger prints. My point is, my list may contain things which other people casually do. That is basically the fun part, you get to see what makes you even more different. It should have been longer but I deleted some because of being too obvious like no one really wants to be confined in a hospital or go to jail. Right?

1. Wear 6-inch heels again.

I will never do this again. I had to do it once for a pageant because my height is so cute. While it definitely increased some self-esteem because other candidates are no longer looking down on me, haha, I cannot tolerate the pain. I’d rather stay cute than getting leg cramps and risking myself to accidents. I still have those shoes though. If you’re size 6, comment mine and you can have it! 👠

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2. Do drugs or smoke.

For me, smoking or doing drugs neither makes me cool nor solves my problems. I tend to agree that addiction is a selfish disease. Like if addiction is a crime then you are both the perpetrator and the victim. I am happy on my own and with the people I love. But yes, I get tired, stressed and depressed sometimes but not to the point of doing drugs or smoking. I don’t need any pill to be euphoric high and risk being sane. Neither for the sake of “fun”.

Also, I don’t want to start smoking because quitting it is a lot harder. And having to deal with bad breath, emphysema and other health problems is a lot to take. 😌

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3. Break someone’s heart.

You can never compel the heart to love when the heart itself has fallen out of love. But what do you do, do you stay in a relationship where there seems to be no future or do you tell it to him straight that you don’t love him anymore? If there’s one thing I have learned about love, that is, never enter into a relationship when you can never commit forever. Never say I love you when in the end, you will just break his heart. 💔

4. Run for a political office.

At this moment, I have decided never to run for a public office. Public service entails utmost diligence, patience, courage, and a lot of kapal muks. These are the values that I may not be able to give for the people. One thing more, I don’t want to lose my freedom of expression against the government. Not that I am against government ah. And I’m not saying I am pro-Duterte by saying that! Don’t you troll me! It’s just that, once you enter the government, you become part of the system. Once you become part of the system, you earn the right to be silent, haha, you can never criticize the institution that feeds you or else, you risk being charged for a violation of worst, get fired. 🙄

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5. Watch a horror movie in a cinema.

I hate horror movies. It’s like paying for a fee just to get scared or freaked out. It’s not like I am afraid of ghosts or other ghostly things but it’s just that I get startled too easily. I cannot stand the sudden popping out of gory and bloody creatures with the intensifying use of sound and lighting effects. I just cannot. 😱

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6. Get so-short bangs.

Because I am not New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel. Period. 😫

7. Get a credit card.

It’s 2020 and I’m one of those few who don’t have a credit card. I don’t want to buy something that will make me pay for months plus the unconscionable interests. So nope! I prefer cash with no strings attached. I want to spend only within my means. If I can’t afford it now then I might have to buy that nextime. That’s simple. 🙄

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8. Make promises.

If I said the word “Promise.”, it’s never going to happen. Haha. That’s why I don’t tell them. Hehe. It’s always nice and wiser to think before making one. The person you are talking to might take it too seriously. Worse, he may use it to test your character or judge you for not keeping it. 🤞

9. Make a Bucket List or a New Year’s Resolution.

Listing all the things that I should do is like limiting myself to the things that I can do. It also means adding pressure to what should be done in a span of time. Why do that, when I can surprise myself by doing things at random? Stop making the same New Year’s resolution every year. Goal setting is great but if your goals are unrealistic, immeasurable and impossible, better throw that away and start living by the day, by the moment.

How about you? What are the things you want to skip in life? Comment below! 😄

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