An Igorota, born and raised in the Cordilleran mountains. 

Graduated from Saint Louis University, Baguio City.

Associate Attorney at Bonifacio & Associates Law Office, 15 Bukaneg St., Burnham-Legarda Brgy., Baguio City.

Happily in a relationship.

Hobbies and interests include photography, reading, layout designing, outdoor adventures, and writing. 

Passionate about women’s rights, environment, culture, and human rights. 

The Backpacking Lawyer is adventurous in nature, eager to find new deals, travel and experience different things. For her, routine is boring. She is the kind of person who would take the new route because it’s a different path. She is a practicing lawyer and a nurse by profession. While she enjoys her day job, she loves traveling and sharing her adventures with you, hence, the name The Backpacking Lawyer. 

She started blogging sometime in 2012 in another blog with the goal of sharing the fun in discovering oneself and one’s culture, expressing thoughts, capturing moments, and helping others. Now, she is keeping the same goals with this new website! Today, she is ready to open her eyes to witness bigger horizons: opening doors to friendships and windows of opportunities.


This is a personal blog that features her reflections on life, law and the Cordilleran culture, places, and people. The ideas and thoughts which may generally be nonsense to you are the Backpacking Lawyer’s own, so are the words, photos, or videos in it except if it is said it’s not. In which case, any rude and unauthorized sharing, distribution or publication without proper attribution is inherently wrong and may be dealt with civil liability or possibly criminal prosecution. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, politician or ordinary citizen, is just a mere fiction. The Backpacking Lawyer has no intention of maligning any member of the human race, she loves you people! Further, she is not responsible for anything anyone says under the comments section.

Any legal opinion or nursing information expressed in this blog is for educational purposes only. The discussions do not establish any attorney-client relationship or a nurse-client relationship. The Backpacking Lawyer shall not be responsible for any action or damages resulting from or related to whatever use of the information in this blog. 

Furthermore, this is not a paid blogging, although she wished it was. LOL. In short, read at your own risk. But then again, if you don’t take the risk then you’ll lose the fun! So I hope you enjoy! 

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