11 Facebook friends you need to UNFRIEND ASAP

It’s sad that social media now dictates what friendships to build or burn. You really can’t blame it, personalities now are reduced to likes, emojies, and filtered photos. That is why ditching some people from your newsfeed shouldn’t hurt. Do it to save yourself from additional stress. Hence, it’s time to say goodbye to these people:

1. The Maniac

This guy posts pornographic materials and other inappropriate posts. NO EXPLANATION NEEDED. 😑

2. the Gamer

This guy added you to various groups which you really don’t belong and/or sent you tons of game requests which you don’t really find it amusing. 😒

3. The Selfie addict

These are the girls and boys who took so much selfies and posted it successively and/or simultaneously. My gosh. You don’t need those “likes” to confirm your beauty. 🤦‍♀️


This girl is probably the most unbearably annoying. Yes, indeed, being humble should be everyone’s virtue especially in social media. But pretending to be modest and humble while sounding cocky is another story! Remember, the best way to brag about yourself to others is not to brag at all! 🙅‍♀️


It’s never wrong to support the President but doing it through faultfinding and engaging in serious and unhealthy debates against the other camp is ALWAYS WRONG! Some people are also too political who keep on posting unsolicited political opinions. Please, give us a break! 😑


You don’t know why you were friends in the first place with this random creepy guy. Maybe it happened when you massively friended everyone the first time you joined Facebook. 🤔

7. Those who wash their dirty laundry in public

Everyone has problems. You can be sad or angry about it. But posting it in Facebook with so much pessimism won’t help solve it. Just find someone to talk to. Like the real talk. You know, some things are best left in private. 🥺

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8. People who post “Bad luck if you don’t type Amen.” 


9. People who made Facebook their diary.

Their Facebook Timeline is complete with all their activities of daily living from waking up to having their goodnight sleep and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. 🥱

10. The Cliffhanger

You know that part of the film that leaves you wondering what the hell really happened. In Facebook, these are friends who post blind items and personal dramas with some details undisclosed. Like can you please make up your mind? If you want us to know it, please spill everything. Don’t leave us guessing! Otherwise, don’t post anything! 🤫

11. People you have never really met in person subject to few exceptions, of course.

You don’t really know them but you have a ton of mutual friends because you belong to the same city or municipality. You feel like you should keep them as friends because it would be impolite to do so. Fear not. Just unfriend them, they have many friends that they won’t notice anyway. 🤷‍♀️

If by some reason you really can’t unfriend them, Facebook gives you the option to “Unfollow”. That should solve the same problem. 

Do you want to add someone in this list? Comment below! 😁😜

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